Vintage Authentic Surgery Light


Vintage Authentic Surgery Light
Probably the most asked/about item in my gallery for 10 years.
This is a 1950’s surgery lamp, which was originally clamped onto a ceiling track, but was modified into a floor lamp with the use of an industrial photography studio tripod. The head swivels to re/direct the light.
Fits four standard/halogen/coloured/any bulb of your choice, which are reflected onto four inverted metal disks.
Comes with 16 foot power cord, and can have a standard dimmer added for effect.
I’ve had this lamp for 35 years & it has seen my life in London, San Francisco, Montreal, New York & Vanilla/Town.
Measures 7 feet in height x 40 inches width x under 3 feet in depth.

Comes with a cover to close up the back (I still have it, but kept it off to not over-heat, but also looks better with open back, I find)

There is a partial label which identifies it as Made in Canada.

Would look killer installed on a ceiling in a lounge/restaurant/nite-club/man-cave.
Instant babe/magnet. Trust me.
Available for limited time only.

Asking $4200.

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