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SPAO Fundraiser & Print Sale 2014

La Petite Mort Gallery and SPAO co-present a special print sale

Works now included in the sale by Lorraine Gilbert, Tony Fouhse, Marcus Leatherdale (Warhol custom limited edition print), Osheen Harruttonyan, etc.

Friday May 30, 18:00 – 21:00
SPAO, 168 Dalhousie Street

Organized by Katie Lawson, Shelby Lisk, Adam Barbu, and Guy Berube, this is a one-time-only sale of exclusive photographic works from the La Petite Mort Gallery private collection in support of the Gallery’s international residency program.

In response to demand, La Petite Mort has now included for sale works by big names such as Lorraine Gilbert, Tony Fouhse, Marcus Leatherdale (the Warhol custom limited edition print by), Osheen Harruttonyan, and others. Prices for these works will be available upon request.

The Gallery’s recent international focus continues to expand across new and exciting locations and includes three new international artist residencies. To help make these projects feasible (without any current outside funding) the gallery has partnered with SPAO on an unprecedented exhibition of photographs, many of them for sale. A portion of the sales proceeds will support SPAO education programming.

The specially curated selection of work centers on themes of desire, loss, being and having—in isolation and excess—between the abstract and the real. In short, it extends the possibility of knowing oneself, others, and the worlds that surround.

Photographers include in the exhibition:
Andres Serrano, Diane Arbus, Margaret Bourke-White, Robert Doisneau, Randal Levenson, Larry Clark, Henri Cartier-bresson, Slava Mogutin, Suzanne Opton, Mathieu Laverdiere, Lorraine Gilbert, Valerie Burton, Marion Bordier, Eve Fowler, Jules de Niverville, Whitney Lewis-Smith, Lynne Anderson, Pedro Izstin, Tony Fouhse, Maks Wellington, Michal Opalski, Peter Sramek, Ulysses Castellanos, Devin Elijah, Joao Canziani, Remi Theriault, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Drasko Bogdanovic, Michelle Wilson, Geoff Brown, David Barbour, Dina Goldstein, Inked Kenny, Angelina McCormick, Sarah Schorlemer, Clive Cretney, Bruce Eves, Marion Bordier, Karla Griffin and Jordan Schwab, Inked Kenny, Joshua Jensen-Nagle, David J. Romero, Benjy Russel, Cristobal Traslavina, and anonymous artists.

The sale will also include:

A limited edition of photographs made exclusively for La Petite Mort gallery by internationally renowned photographer Marcus Leatherdale. These are portraits of Warhol, Madonna, Keith Haring, Leigh Bowery and Iman taken during the 1980s in New York City.

A rare copy of SUMO by Helmut Newton, the biggest and most expensive book production in the 20th Century. A limited edition of 10,000 copies were sold worldwide, each signed and numbered by the artist. This item includes a display stand designed by Philippe Starck.

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