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Abnormals Gallery Berlin 2010

La Petite Mort Gallery presents:

EXILENTIA EXIFF: Lost Femininities
Photography Exhibit / Sept 24 – Oct 7, 2010

In collaboration with Abnormals Galleries
in Berlin, Germany & Poznan, Poland

Vernissage: Sept 24 / 7 -10pm
Proudly sponsored by CKCU 93.1 FM

In support of Festival X / Ottawa Photography Festival 2010

*** As this exhibition contains adult content and materials of controversial nature. You must be over 18 or have insanely cool parents.

As Exilentia Exiff says, “It is a social project. abnormals.org is a community of creative individuals, who do not accept the world as a norm.” This is definitely an understatement. Welcome to the world of Exilentia Exiff, the controversial Berlin artist.

The exhibition includes photographs of various people and questions the notions of beauty and sexuality. What do we mean by beauty? Can only young people be beautiful? Can old people be sexual? What makes the picture of an old woman in a sexual pose unacceptable?

In addition to her work as an artist Exilentia, who is now 25, owns two galleries in Europe, the Abnormals Gallery in Berlin and the Abnormals Gallery in Poznan. The Gallery in Poznan has had its fair share of controversy lately over a banner that has been displayed and confiscated three times.

Come and see for yourself and get lost in these beautiful, challenging images.

– written by Julie Hodgson, 2010

and that means, that she tries not to follow the conventional social rules /norms/ . She just examines some of them in historical and cultural context. Norms change in some societies sometimes very rapidly and sometimes very slowly and what may be seen as normal in one culture, may be seen as abnormal in another. Exilentia is fascinated by norms connected with gender and age. Why a young female naked body is acceptable and a picture of an old woman in a sexual pose violates the standards of society? Why does such a picture cause social discomfort?
What is a human being nowadays? What is self-dignity?

“The strategy of disappearances
is part of my mutiny, I spit you out each time,
whenever you wish to say something.
My disappearances are soft and three dimensional.
Due to them I shape parentheses and question marks,
which create genuine art, for they cannot serve any
other purpose. Their only merit is that they never link
You to Me
~Exilentia Exiff

Born in 1985 in Poland, photographer and playwright. Lives in Berlin and Moscow.

2010 – solo exhibition, “Lost Femininities” in Abnormals Gallery Berlin, Germany.
2009 – group exhibition”I am abnormal” in Abnormals Gallery Berlin, Germany.
2009 – group exhibition in Cell 63 Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2009 – group exhibition in Gallery Chabotte, Nice, France
2008 – solo exhibition “Riot Grrrl” in Gallery Rozbrat, Poznan, Poland.
2008 – solo exhibition “Body Art Festival – niennormalni.pl”, Poznan, Poland.
2008 – group exhibition Life & Theater in Guilin and Shanghai, China

2009 – “Femininity is a painful characteristic” extended version of the book in English and German language.
2009 – “New Nude Photography”, nude photography album.
2009 – “New Polish Nude Photography”, nude photography album.
2008 – “Deathbook” art book.
2008 – “Femininity is a painful characteristic”, first edition, Polish version.

Theatrical plays:
2008 – director and author of the play ” Szczescie rodzinne i jego rozpierzchniecie”/Familly happiness and its dispersing”, Warsaw Center, Poland.

(Please be advised that this exhibit includes challenging images and concepts which are intended for a mature audience and may be offensive to some.)

Thank you,

Guy Berube, director
La Petite Mort Gallery

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