“In Guns We Trust” Rare Sculpture by Arthur Price

“Good Ship Lollipop” aka “In God (crossed out) Guns We Trust” 1972, Arthur ‘Art’ Price, Found Wood Antique Hat Forms & Bird Sculpture in Aluminum & Polychrome (made by the artist), Found American Dime 1960’s, Spiral Wood Lollipop sculpture (made by the artist), 17 height x 10.5 width x 17 depth (with metal rod) inches. One of a kind sculpture. Titles & artist named stamped / see original photos from 1970’s catalogue of the artist’s artworks entitled “Art Price. Happiness Is Where You Find It. Volume 2”.

Price available upon request (current appraisal underway)


Price was born in 1918 in Edmonton Alberta, accepted to the Ontario College of Art in the 1930s. In 1947 the artist, along with his wife and daughter, moved to British Columbia where the National Museum of Canada supported his documentation of the province’s rich native arts which would be an influence on his later works. His travels and studies for native works brought Price through much of Canada’s lands, including Toronto, Ottawa, Jasper Park (in Alberta), the majority of British Columbia, and up the Mackenzie River for the Hudson Bay Company. Price’s impressive output has been shown at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, he was elected an Associate of the Royal Canadian Academy, and awarded the Canadian Council Grant. His commissions can be seen throughout many metropolises of Canada, including Montreal, Victoria, Ottawa, and Toronto. Price passed away in 2008, leaving behind an astonishing catalogue of truly Canadian art.

-based from the Introduction of A Cross-Selection of Work by Art Price written by C.V. Martin


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