Outsider Sculpture by JP DANYS

Life Size & Unique Sculpture by Ottawa Outsider sculpture, JP DANYS.

Materials include coat hangers for the structure, newspaper, glue, gesso.

Measures 44″ height x 15″ width x 9.5″ depth (front to back)

Asking $600.

JP Danys lives in Ottawa, where he repairs bicycles, paints and sculpts. The world of JP’s paintings & sculptures is urban, fantastic and cautionary. Street scenes are populated with punks, aliens, angels and political figures. Skies are filled with fire and ash, airplanes and flying saucers. Often reclusive, JP hopes to enlighten people with his artwork, and hopefully rid himself of his great shyness.

The term “Outsider Art” has been kicked around, shifted, made into movies and possibly become meaningless since it was coined by art critic Roger Cardinal in 1972 as a kind of English equivalent to the French term, Art Brut. Generally thought of as art operating outside of the artistic fashion of the day, it has variously been interpreted to include (or exclude): art made by children, art made by the insane, art by untrained artists or by artists who don’t live in major cities, art by alien abductees, art by the incarcerated, etc.

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