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Ottawa Interiors Magazine 2010

Ottawa Interiors Magazine feature by Paul Gessell, photographed by Remi Theriault.

February / March 2010.

“They are the Tastemakers. They show who they like. We buy who they show. Private Domains?

At home with six gallery owners who are having a major impact on how we see art”

See link:  http://www.guyberube.ca/wp-content/uploads/press/PDF/tastemakers-feb-mar-2010.pdf


In 2010, Ottawa Interiors featured a story on gallerists’ home, entitled ‘The Taste Makers”.

Yeah, bad title, but great photos by Remi Theriault.

The photo featured above is taken in my ‘love den’ aka my bedroom, with photographer Remi Theriault

hidden under my fake fur carpet, his assistant on my bed, behind the painting by Theo Pelmus,

and myself, in a rubber cat mask hidden behind the curtains.

Yeah, we were high or drunk.

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