James Brown (1952), Pencil on Paper, Framed in Found Shadowbox. James Brown (1952), Pencil on Paper, Framed in Found Shadowbox. James Brown (1952), Pencil on Paper, Framed in Found Shadowbox. James Brown / The Realm of Chaos and Light: The Soul’s Distinct Connection, 2009-11; at Karsten Greve Gallery, Paris.

NYC Artist James Brown Drawing

James Brown (1952), Pencil on Paper, Framed in Found Shadowbox, 10.74 x 14 inches, 1980’s. Acquired by former lover of the artist. US$1800. Sold unframed.


James Brown (born 1951) is an American-born painter now active in Paris and Oaxaca (Mexico). He was most well known in the 1980s for his rough painterly semi-figurative paintings, bearing affinities to Jean-Michel Basquiat and East Village painting of the time, but with influences from primitive art and classical Western modernism.

Life and work:
Born in Los Angeles, California, he received at BFA from Immaculate Heart College, Hollywood. He then spent years in Paris, and attended the Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, France. He rebelled against the classical training there, which he considered irrelevant, but stayed as he wanted to stay in Paris. Tours of Europe seeing renaissance and especially medieval painting of Italy influenced his work. During the 1980s, his paintings, mixing the modernist tradition of painterly application and adherence to the picture surface with clear influences from tribal art. In the early 1980s he began exhibiting in New York, and in this decade this work became a hit in the galleries and art press, sharing a look with the Bad Painting and young neo-expressionism of the East Village painters of the time.

On 12 September 1987 he married Alexandra Condon, who was studying History of Art at NYU at the time. They had known each other for little more than ten years. Despite some time on the East and West coast of New York, he continued to live in Paris. With the fading of the East Village art scene he had increasingly shown in European galleries, where his work was now seen in the context of a post-war European modernism in the tradition of Jean Dubuffet. James and Alexandra had their first child, Degenhart Maria Grey Brown, on 24 September 1989 in New York. In 1991 their second boy, Cosmas And Damian Maria Todosantos Brown, was born on 6 June in Paris. On 16 April 1993, their daughter was born, Dagmar Maria Jane Brown, in New York. In 1995 he moved out to the valley of Oaxaca (Mexico) with his family, where they lived in a hacienda for nine years. During that time, James Brown continued exhibiting in Europe, the United States and Mexico. He and his wife collaborated with various artists, making rugs in a village in the mountains of Oaxaca. The rugs were made in the traditional Mexican fashion, weaved by hand on large wooden frames. Jamaes and Alexandra then decided to start making books with artists, so they started Cape Diem Press. Like the rugs, these books are printed in Oaxaca using old-fashioned and traditional methods. The books are printed in limited editions, and Carpe Diem Press continues to collaborate with artists. In 2004, they moved to the city of Mérida, in the Yucatán. Since then James Brown has been spending much time in Europe, exhibiting his work in France, Germany, Italy and Holland. He has been working mostly in Paris.

His work has taken on several styles over the years, but maintains a hand-made look combining concerns of the modernist tradition with motifs and spiritual interests from tribal art. Much of his work is a non-realistic but contains depictions or signs of recognizable faces or objects. More recently he has done more in an abstract mode. However, the line between representation and abstraction is often a difficult one in his work, such as his more recent “Firmament Series” – abstract canvases that can also be read as referring to constellations or stars, or groups of rocks. Besides paintings Brown has also produced sculptures and series of prints at various points in his career, and in the 1990s started to heavily utilize collage. Drawing and other unique works on paper have been important to his artistic development and production. In an Artforum review of a 25 year retrospective, Martha Schwendener noted “The works range from abstract gouaches to biomorphic and figurative watercolors to collages that update the synthetic Cubist experiments of Picasso and Braque.”




James Brown / The Realm of Chaos and Light: The Soul’s Distinct Connection, 2009-11; at Karsten Greve Gallery, Paris.

by Lisa Liebmann And Brooks Adams

“The peripatetic life of James Brown—painter, sculptor, ceramicist, publisher, paterfamilias and ascetic yet devilish-seeming avatar of elegance—has led him far afield from the New York art world that launched him during the early 1980s, all the way to the outer cosmos, if you will. Now working primarily in Merida, Mexico, and in Paris, he has since 2004 been pressing on toward the completion of a serenely ambitious series of 81 abstract paintings, realized within his studio in constellations of nine, that was inspired by the composer Gustav Holst’s famous early-modernist orchestral work, The Planets (1914-16). About a dozen of Brown’s recent astral-themed canvases, including one measuring approximately 10 by 20 feet, along with related works on linen, paper and in porcelain, were recently on view in an exhibition titled “The Realm of Chaos and Light (Part 2),” wherein airiness and grandeur coexisted to delightful, mind-clearing effect.

The principal paintings on view, all from 2008 to ’11, were rigorously conceived and labor-intensive. Brown, who is currently nearing the last “movement” in this symphonic series, always begins by setting down a more or less random, plentiful array of small painted dots and daubs on raw linen canvas. These notational incidents are then connected by fine penciled lines, producing an overall, irregular, net- or weblike pattern. Over this delicately charted field he applies a few loosely spaced, impulsive passages of brushwork, generally arcs or softly angled swaths of close-valued color in the blue to brownish range, that build up to become rude shapes suggesting asteroids and, occasionally, black holes. The artist’s elemental protagonists are sparely deployed within each discrete field: Only four such substantive forms, for example, populate the vast expanse of The Realm of Chaos and Light: The Soul’s Distinct Connection. There, they seem to hover and vibrate with inchoate meaning, producing faint echoes, at times, from our own planetary realm of art. A viewer may variously conjure up fleeting images of work by Joan Miró, Adolph Gottlieb, Yayoi Kusama or, perhaps especially, Agnes Martin and Cy Twombly, whose exquisite fusions of line and field, earthiness and the ephemeral seem equally relevant to Brown’s continuing painterly endeavor.

Brown grew up in Southern California where, he will proudly tell you, he was educated by Jesuits in high school as well as college. (He also attended the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the late 1970s.) During the 1980s and early 1990s in New York, his work, often biomorphic or “primitivist” in its imagistic references, and invariably pleasurable in its innate stylishness, seemed nevertheless uncertain, as if in search of a raison d’être beyond the personal discipline and esthete’s ethos involved in its making. But these impressive new works, positively Theosophical in their implied affinities, are solidly grounded—in ether.


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