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Smart Justice Network 2012

La Petite Mort Gallery Presents

Curated by Bill Staubi

May 26-31, 2012
Vernissage Saturday May 26 / 7-10 PM
Tunes by Big Mac Daddy
Proudly sponsored by CKCU 93.1FM

The vernissage evening will also be joined by the
Smart Justice Network, a collective of professionals and concerned citizens seeking to help Canada
find a better way to address justice in this country.

Hardened criminals locked up for our safety.
Social misfits contained to keep them under out of sight or under control.
Unpleasant experiences pent-up inside emotional Tupperware.
Bottled-up feelings.
Animalistic instincts cum natural defences.

We are them all. We have them all.

Our society has a tendency towards dealing with the uncomfortable and unpleasant by caging it. But we are rarely happy to let it just stay caged. We also want to see it, smell, it, poke it, and listen to see if it moans.

The Human Zoo brings together a collection of area artists who have explored the notions of prison, prisoner, imprisonment, and their inverse… our liberation, the hope, the escape ! They will bring us up close and personal to the tawdry, frightening, humorous, and simply bizarre ways of viewing our need to cage our rage and the joy of the ultimate release.

Step forward and visit The Human Zoo. Don’t stick your fingers between the bars, Claireese. And ask yourself… should those infants even be there ?

Experiences to be created by:
Janelle Bosse
Daniel Delisle
“Crazzy” Dave Dessler
Sherry Tompalski
Andrew Fay
Natalie Bruvels
Simon Moor
Marc Adornato
Kalkidan Assefa
Mat Dubé
Richard Jansen
Guillermo Trejo
Michael Zavacky
Daniel Martelock
Pira Pirani
Meaghan Haughian
Peter Shmelzer
Vince Beauchemin
Karl Goertzen

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