La Petite Mort Gallery 2005-2015

La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa, Canada, is now closed.

Please read below to know about our new & current direction.


‘LPM Gallery is Canada’s Coney Island’ – Felipe Bracelis, curator & artist (Santiago, Chile) 2013

We have always known when to leave a party, and from day one of operations, our plan was to make the most of this location with a ten-year plan. Today, the reach of our projects has grown in a manner that is out of our hands. We are excited to be able to expand our roots, and moving beyond the confines of a single gallery space. As of the end of August 2015, La Petite Mort Gallery will conclude operations at the 306 Cumberland building, and instead focus on its continued work to creating impactful, socially engaged projects that reach across local and international spaces. Naturally, with these shifting priorities, we are transitioning partially into a humanitarian, non-profit model, while still working with our best collectors for continued art sales.

LPM thanks all of its devoted supporters, and anticipates the exciting work that lies ahead.

As for the count/up on our main page, this simply displays how long it has been since we bought & sold my first work of art. Yeah, it’s been awhile.

In light of these changes, we are very pleased to announce the formation of LPM Projects, a new hybrid venture that combines the curatorial visions of Guy Berube. The focus of LPM Projects is to produce challenging, socially engaged contemporary art projects with an international perspective.

This focus is anchored on the spirit previous projects that include Disciples (2014-ongoing), Windows From Prison (2015), User (2007-2011) and Low (2007). Currently, we are planning major exhibitions, programs & artist residencies in cities that include New York City (USA), Toronto (Canada), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Santiago (Chile), Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Valparaiso (Chile).

LPM Projects will take on fluid structure. Individually, we will still be engaged with certain separate, offset projects, however this venture is meant to give direction, focus and public visibility to our collaborative work and shared priorities. Over the past year, across numerous successful international projects, we have realized the creative potential in combining of our individual strengths. LPM Projects functions to explore this synergy with a new expanded set of curatorial goals. – Adam Barbu, Art Critic & Curator

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