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Museum of War & North Korea 2012

Jean-Frédéric (JF) Beauchesne
& La Petite Mort Gallery present:


Friday January 20, 2012
Vernissage 7 – 10pm
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Inside the “Hermit Kingdom”:
an intimate peek into the Kim Dynasty’s propaganda machine.

The goods: Thirty-five (35) large hand-painted North Korean propaganda posters, on hand-made paper. The real thing.

A very unique look into a hidden world.

In 2005, Montrealer Jean-Frédéric (JF) Beauchesne moved to Pyongyang, North Korea to head a group of aid agencies delivering humanitarian assistance across the country. As with other foreign Nationals working in the “hermit kingdom”, JF was assigned a North Korean counterpart (or ‘minder’) to assist him in his duties and to act as a bridge into North Korean culture. Through his minder, JF made contacts at the Mansudae Art Studio, which employs hundreds of artists, many of whom are specializing in propaganda art images. Over nearly a year, JF amassed a large and unique collection of hand-painted propaganda posters from Mansudae. These powerful and colourful paintings adorn the country’s many public buildings, cooperative farms, city walls, and are also seen in several galleries and museums. With the recent passing of Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il, his son Kim Jong-Un has been at the centre of a massive propaganda campaign aimed at legitimizing the Kim legacy. La Petite Mort offers you a glimpse into this propaganda machine that has until today ensured the Kims’ grip over North Korea.

Web link: http://www.guyberube.ca/january-20-2012/


Guy Berube, director
La Petite Mort Gallery

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