Karl Goertzen (October 7, 1971 - November 12, 2012), 'Thank God I am A Schizo' - Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48 inches, $1,000 Karl Goertzen (October 7, 1971 - November 12, 2012), '47% of the Time I am Being Buried Alive But Damn I’ve Got Soul', Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 40 inches, $1,200 Karl Goertzen (October 7, 1971 - November 12, 2012), My Tombstone Gently Rocks Back And Forth Singing 'I Am Just A Dream Only A Dream'  - Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 inches, $1,300 Credit: Nat Bertand Photography, Ottawa, Canada

Estate of Karl Goertzen, Ottawa

LPM Projects is offering the works of Karl Goertzen (October 7, 1971 – November 12, 2012) via his wife, Jennifer Goertzen:

100% proceeds goes directly to Karl’s wife, and any charities of her choice.


Artist Statement

After experiencing crippling suicidal thoughts and delusions since the age of 16 I was finally diagnosed many years later with the rare Schizo-Affective Disorder (a combination of Bipolar 1 and Schizophrenia).  Most symptoms of my mental illness have been well controlled, however the suicidal thoughts remain treatment resistant. My paintings provide the viewer a window to the landscape of my mental illness moving between the sometimes hopeful to the absolutely terrifying and intensely crushing ideas of suicide.  My works are vivid in colour to express the powerful strength of the delusions and suicidal ideation.  Painting is also the one outlet where I feel in control of my thoughts.  I am attempting to break down the walls of my disorder and the stigma that is still so often attached to people suffering from disorders like my own.  I hope that by exposing my work to a much larger audience that others suffering from mental illness  will take comfort in, or feel their own spark of inspiration from, my paintings. Recently I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and have since made the very difficult decision to retire my brushes. Although my diagnosis of cancer was shocking news, after years of torturous thoughts, it was in fact somewhat of a relief to my tormented mind. My paintings are an eclectic group of works for all to enjoy and celebrate my life as an artist. My hope is to have all my paintings on display by people who love them.


Update: April 2016

Karl passed away at home with Jennifer Goertzen, his wife, by his side in November 2012. He survived for two and a half years after being told he would probably die in two months after his diagnosis of stage four lymphoma in 2010. And although at one point he made the decision to retire his brushes due to his terminal diagnosis, he quickly reversed it when he realized he could not live without painting, without that outlet for the art he loved to create. Karl’s dream was always to have his paintings sold and on display for the world to see. It has taken Jennifer the last four years to get to a manageable state of grief after his passing and she is now ready to offer these artworks to sell so that they can inspire people again and take their rightful place in the light of day. Guy Berube was a strong supporter and believer in Karl’s work. He held three art shows for Karl at La Petite Mort Gallery.

Karl’s only regret was that there could not have been more……………


For inquiries &/or purchases, please directly contact:

100% proceeds goes directly to Karl’s wife, and any charities of her choice.

Jennifer Goertzen




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