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LPM Gallery has closed August 31, 2015, but continues with it’s local & international projects.

Please stay tuned for what we come up with in the future. Thank you everyone for your endless support.



Julie Hodgson, the LPM Development Maven, started the LPM Collectors’ Group in 2010 and has been organizing tours and presentations each month for five years. She has hosted tours of public and private collections and exhibitions, and has hosted a number of guest speakers who have generously shared their knowledge and passion with us. Guest speakers have included artists, directors, curators, gallerists, conservators, archivists, scientists, designers, framers, educators, appraisers, auctioneers, the media, and lighting specialists.



The LPM Collectors’ Group

2010 to 2015


5 September 2010

Artist’s Talk, LPM Gallery / Tony Fouhse, User: Men


4 November 2010

Patrick Gordon, CEO / Patrick Gordon Framing


16 December 2010

Ellen Treciokas / Senior Designer, Design Services, National Gallery of Canada




20 January 2011

Jennifer Cartwright / Cartwright Appraisals


17 February 2011

Amy Jenkins / Lead Art Consultant, Canada Council Art Bank

Tour of The Canada Council Art Bank


17 March 2011

Geneviève Saulnier / Conservator of Contemporary Art, RCL, National Gallery of Canada


14 April 2011

Tour of a Private Collection / Glenn and Barbara McInnes


19 May 2011

Summer Party / The Shore Club, Westin Hotel


23 June 2011

Peter Simpson / Arts Editor-at-large, Ottawa Citizen / The Role of the Media in the Arts


14 July 2011

Tour of the Caravaggio and His Followers Exhibition

Stefan Canuel / Senior Designer, Design Services, National Gallery of Canada


10 August 2011

Tour of the US Embassy Collection / Crystal Meriwether, Cultural Affairs Officer, Embassy of the United States


18 September 2011

Tour of an Artist’s Collection / Herman and Margaret Ruhland


13 October 2011

Tour of a Private Collection / Joe Friday


17 November 2011

On Collecting / Charlie Hill

Curator of Historical Canadian Art, National Gallery of Canada


15 December 2011

Christmas Party / Anne Maheux & Greg Hill






19 January 2012

Collecting alternative art, outsider art, and artists’ multiples / Jason St- Laurent & Stefan St-Laurent


16 February 2012

An Insider’s Guide to the Ottawa Art Gallery

Catherine Sinclair and Ola Wlusek / Art Curators, Ottawa Art Gallery


8 March 2012

Private collector vs. a public collector and how museums work from the point of view of acquisitions

Marc Mayer / Director, National Gallery of Canada


29 March 2012

Tour of the Library and Archives Canada Preservation Centre in Gatineau

Anne Maheux / Senior Paper Conservator, Library and Archives Canada


24 May 2012

Tour of a Private Collection / Bill Brown & John McKinven


16 June 2012

Tour of the Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum


19 July 2012

Tour of Van Gogh: Up Close

Ellen Treciokas / Senior Designer, Design Services, National Gallery of Canada


23 August 2012

Summer Party / Julie Hodgson &Michael Ashley


20 September 2012

Tour of the National Arts Centre Archives

Gerry Grace, Former Head, Archives & Exhibitions &  José Hernandez, Assistant, Archives & Exhibitions


23 October 2012

Tour of the City of Ottawa Art Collection / Jonathan Browns


2 December 2012

Michele Provost & Judith Parker

Rebranding Bytown: Artist-in-Residence Exhibition / Bytown Museum




3 January 2013

Presentation on Lighting Your Artwork

Phil Gabriel / Gabriel Mackinnon Lighting


14 February 2013

Film Screening of “Herb & Dorothy” at the Council for the Arts in Ottawa / Valentine’s Party


17 March 2013

Artist Meaghan Haughian speaks about her work

@ Beechwood Cemetery & Exhibition @ LPM Gallery


25 April 2013

A Tour of Collections and Research at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Canadian Museum of Civilization


15 May 2013

Conservation Clinic for Works of Art on Paper and Photographs

Anne Maheux & Greg Hill /  help @ Patrick Gordon Framing


20 June 2013

Tour of a Private Collection / Lawson Hunter


18 July 2013

Summer Social / Tour of Private Collection by Guy Bérubé

16 to 22 August 2013

The LPM Collectors’ Group Exhibition and Sale at the LPM Gallery

19 September 2013

Collecting Contemporary Art
Jonathan Shaughnessy, Associate Curator, Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Canada

17 October 2013

Tour of the Canada Council Art Bank
 Amy Jenkins, Lead Consultant

4 December 2013

Tour of the Canadian Museum of Nature Research and Collections Facility in Gatineau at 1:30 pm
Michel Picard, Assistant Curator, Minerals; Kieran Shepherd, Curator, Fossils; Jennifer Doubt, Curator, Botany; and Roger Bull, DNA Technician

19 December 2013

Christmas Party @ La Petite Mort Gallery



19 January 2014

Presentation by Olivia Johnston, Curator, Gaze / A Female Perspective and artists Meredith Jay and Jennifer Stewart
 @ La Petite Mort Gallery

 20 February 2014

Tour of the National Gallery of Canada Restoration and Conservation Laboratories
Geneviève Saulnier, Conservator of Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Canada

 20 March 2014

Tour of the National Gallery of Canada Library with an emphasis on the artists’ books
Peter Trépanier, Head, Reader Services, National Gallery of Canada

17 April 2014

Tour of the Carleton University Art Gallery and the exhibition, Dennis Tourbin: The Language of Visual Poetry
Fiona Wright, Education and Community Outreach Manager

 2 May 2014

Walker’s Fine Art Auction of Inuit Art Preview
Jeffrey Walker, President and Director of Fine Art, and Ingo Hessel, Head of Inuit Art

 21 June 2014

 To warn other Canadians: Art at the Diefenbunker
A tour with Gail Bourgeois, Artist-in-Residence

17 July 2014

 A tour of the National Gallery of Canada’s, … from the Transit Bar by Vera Frenkel

Jonathan Shaughnessy, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Canada


22 August 2014

LPM Collectors’ Group Summer Social with guest artist, Whitney Lewis-Smith


23 August 2014

Beyond the Edge: Artists’ Gardens (Canadensis Botanical Garden Society)

A tour by exhibition co-curator, Judith Parker


13 September 2014

Tour and talk at Herman Ruhland’s Open House


23 October 2014

Central Art Garage: Hard Edge & Ruled Work featuring artists Tammi Campbell, Neil Harrison, and Kristiina Lahde

Talk and Tour by Danny Hussey


20 November 2014

Tour of a Private Collection

Michael Dennis


11 December 2014

LPM Collectors’ Group Christmas Party




Thursday 22 January at 7 pm

Tour of the Collection of Joe Friday and Grant Jameson


Thursday 19 February at 6 pm

Shine a Light: Canadian Biennial 2014

Tour with Rhiannon Vogl, Associate Curator,

Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Canada


Thursday 19 March at 7 pm

Curators’ Talk on the Valparaiso residency and exhibition, The Disciples, with Adam Barbu and Guy Bérubé


Thursday 23 April at 3 pm

Tour of the War Art Collection at the Canadian War Museum

Meredith Maclean, Collections Specialist, Art and Memorials, Canadian War Museum with special guest, Artist Elaine Goble


Thursday 21 May at 3:30 pm

Talk on Artists’ Multiples by Peter Trépanier, Head, Reader Services at the Library and Archives Collection of the National Gallery of Canada


Thursday 18 June at 7 pm

Talk and Tour at Blink Gallery by the Blink Gallery Collective on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary




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