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Centre 454 Centre / Ottawa 2008



La Petite Mort Gallery presents
Talent from the Edge
Group Art Exhibit
Centre 454
July 12 – 13, 2008
Vernissage Saturday July 12 / 6 -9pm
Proudly sponsored by CKCU 93.1 FM


“Talent from the Edge”

This is a gallery show of the work of several local artists from Centre 454, a drop-in centre for people struggling with poverty. As the name suggests, the artists are those living on the edges of society, marginalized, and with few resources to pursue their passions. Yet, these artists still manage to evolve and further their own creativity. The purpose of this show, simply put, is to be known. It is an opportunity for these individuals to enter onto an equal playing field with their peers.

Centre 454 is a community more than anything else. It is a place for people dealing with the rawness of poverty to come, pause, and take a breath. It offers counseling, a weekly poetry and storytelling group, shower and laundry facilities, and one fine cup of coffee. This is all in the midst of a world that is messy and raw and complex, filled with people who are messy and raw and complex. Centre 454 is one place, which embraces this fact, and accepts people as they are, but sees the potential of who they could be. That is what Centre 454 is really all about. That is the beauty of community. – Kaite Burkholder, 2008


About Centre 454

Centre 454 is a community ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.

Centre 454 is a day program serving people who are precariously housed or homeless in the Ottawa area. We are committed to serving those who require assistance in the form of support services, social recreation, and essential needs:
• social supports such as hospitality, daily activities, group activities, and special events
• practical supports including laundry and shower facilities, telephone and mailbox services, and essential clothing
• counselling support to individuals and groups
• help in navigating the application process for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
• spiritual support including weekly prayer services, special services, and annual memorial services

With respect and dignity, we offer a safe space for men, women, and children to find community, friendship, peace, and new skills that will help them transform their lives. Since 1954, Centre 454 has been working closely with the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, the municipal, provincial, and federal governments, local businesses, community, and church groups, donors, and volunteers.

Although Centre 454 provides support to people who are homeless, 60% of those we serve are housed and need our support to maintain that housing. Without Centre 454, many would be spending their days in very unsafe conditions or on the street. Many would suffer the damaging health effects that increase demand on hard-pressed emergency services, and many would lose the support they need to gain better control over their lives.There are many ways you can be a part of the Centre 454 community. Browse through our website to learn more!



A community where all live to their fullest potential.



Centre 454 is a spiritually based organization serving those who are homeless or in need by:
• Providing a safe and welcoming place to belong;
• Offering practical and support services; and
• Seeking change to create opportunities to be more fully engaged in society.


Centre 454
454 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa, ON Canada K1N 7M8
Tel: 613-235-4351 | Fax: 613-232-4919

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