My Motel Room, Ohio. American States Series, Photograph, 16 x 16 inches, Digital Archival Print, Limited Edition, 2005 
Candace + Todd, USER Series, Photograph, 16 x 16 inches, Digital Archival Print, Limited Edition, 2007 Field, Ohio. American States Series, Photograph, 16 x 16 inches, Digital Archival Print, Limited Edition, 2005 Door, April + Erik Series, Photograph, 16 x 16 inches, Digital Archival Print, Limited Edition, 2012 Portrait of Tony Fouhse (left) & LPM Gallery director Guy Berube. Photo Credit John MacDonald.

Tony Fouhse Workshop / August 2013

La Petite Mort Gallery Presents our New Series of Monthly Workshops:


August 21, 2013 / 7 – 10pm @ La Petite Mort Gallery



$95 + HST per person

$25 + HST for students


Gillian King

*available in person or by phone (613-860-1555) at LPM Gallery on Fridays only



It is through risk-taking that progress is made. This workshop will cover ways and means to introduce some risk to your photography, mainly through a discussion of tactics and strategies for working with your chosen subject matter. It will also touch on some technical and editing approaches that will allow for more creative freedom. No risk, no reward.

We will begin with a brief discussion about the joy of getting out of your comfort zone. From there the workshop will touch on the importance of the project in photography and will outline the various kinds of projects that lend themselves to a risk-taking approach.



– an artist talk by Tony and his style with a sampling of his work

– to discuss ways to ascertain what may be important and true to each individual photographer

– a discussion of the strategies and tactics that can be used to open up how photographers approach their chosen subject

– we will touch on the importance of editing and how that, too, rewards risk



Your brains and an open mind.

A bit of lust for life will be important, too.



Tony’s work has always been about the edge. He’s drawn to those areas and populations of North America that are on the perimeter of something. That might mean the back roads of Mississippi or a block in downtown Ottawa. Once there he makes contact. If there is any art to what he does, it is in that, the contact and collaboration with his subjects. He considers his photographs to be merely souvenirs.

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“When Tony Fouhse first exhibited his stylized photographs of crack addicts made on a street corner in Ottawa, Canada, he was unsure what the reaction of the opening-night audience would be. But he knew that some of those in attendance would approve: the subjects themselves. Mr. Fouhse’s photographs put a twist in the ongoing argument about making art out of suffering and making commodities from pictures of misfortune. When his photographs are on view at La Petite Mort, you can see the art inside and the reality outside”.

– New York Times, July 2009





Step inside the mind of an artist. Expand your field of vision.

Beginning August 15th, LPM Gallery will launch an artist-directive, in-gallery

workshop series working to engage and educate audiences through select

artists’ distinct creative practices.

Each workshop will operate under an overarching theme unique to the chosen

artist. The evening will consist of an introduction/lecture component led by the

artist and will progress into a hands-on, directed workshop from which the group

will work under the proposed subjects and/or processes. Through acts of open

dialogue and intimate exchange, participants will walk away with new tools of

perception as given through the artists’ own unique practices.

This in-gallery workshop series marks a new chapter for LPM gallery in a

commitment to building a community driven model that will focus on integrative

educative and collaborative initiatives. The workshop series will begin with artists

Olivia Johnston and Raheleh Sanele, two of Ottawa’s brightest young talents as

well as internationally respected photographer Tony Fouhse. To be sure, people

of all levels of interest, ability, and membership within the arts are encouraged to


We must each work to challenge ourselves in pushing the limits of what is known

onto the edge of the unfamiliar and strange. Personal direction can only ever be

granted through a reception to new ideas.

As such, LPM gallery is looking to establish a series that is not simply didactic

but expansive, collaborative and reactive. The experience will allow for a

transformation of the traditional, systematic artist-viewer relationship – offering

the chance to look both into an artist’s work, and from a different angle, into

personal interests or patterns. Through this shifted dynamic, LPM Gallery hopes

to create a forum in which to see with new clarity through and beyond the frame.

– written by Adam Barbu


For more information on each of the workshops, contact Gillian King (

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