My Mother by Tony Fouhse My Mother by Michelle Wilson. My Mother by Lynne Anderson. My Mother (self-portrait) by Angelina McCormick. My Mother by Sarai Strikefoot (aka Elliot). My Mother by Micheal Tardioli. My Mother by Tony Fouhse.

Alzheimers Project / August 2009


August  2009



Six commissioned portraits of my Mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, by photographers Sarai Strikefoot, Michelle Wilson, Lynne Anderson, Michael Tardioli, Angelina McCormick & Tony Fouhse. The purpose of this is to put a face on an illness that is quite often hidden away in shame. In doing so, and being fully aware that my Mother would more than approve, I show you the reality, the beauty and the pain of living with Alzheimer’s. I would personally like to thank all photographers who did an amazing job with my Mother, and were able to capture the special bond I have with this amazing woman. THANKS.



Couple of weeks ago I posted the shot I took of Guy Berube’s
mom, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. This shot was one of a
few Guy commissioned from Ottawa photographers.

Guy struggled long and hard about whether to display these
photos. After all…..his mom really had no say.

You should know that over the years he’s raised thousands
and thousands of dollars, all of which go directly to the facility
that supports and treats his mother.

As well, he came to the conclusion that showing the face of this
disease is not wrong. He came to the conclusion that too often
people who suffer from Alzheimer’s are just tucked away, never
to be seen.

And, finally, before we get to the photos….. no one who has seen
Guy with his mother would question his motives in doing this photo
project. The most obvious thing in the world is the love and respect
he has for her.

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