Rowan Corkill (London, England), 'The Other Series, Type-c print. 2014/15, 24 x 30cm. Edition of 10. $375 each.

Evening @ Le Petit Salon 2016

LPM Projects 


Le Petit Salon / An Evening with Rowan Corkill

May 8 / 7pm

380 Elgin St. / Ottawa

613-695 0380  /


We’ve purchased an amazing piece of art from the captivating mind of Mr. Rowan Corkill and we want to show it off. So, we’ve decided to throw a little “art night” in honour of the piece, the artist and combatting boredom. Come hang around, listen to some great music, chat with cool people and pretend to know something about art, #soclassy.

About the Artist
Rowan Corkill’s work features many strange and bizarre materials collected from human, animal and plant life, most of which are imbued with strong symbolic references and meanings. His representative and owner of LPM Projects formally known as La Petite Mort Gallery, Guy Bérubé will be here with some of Rowan’s prints for sale, #sobougie.

Music – Keturah Johnson
Retail Promotion – NO TAX on Bumble & bumble products purchased that night.
Refreshments – Cash Bar $5 a piece.

Sunday funday directly translates to; there’s nothing else going on! Le Petit Art Show kicks off on Sunday May 8th, and you’re invited. Le Petit Salon (380 Elgin Street) is your spot for a night of fun and excitement. Come in, come by, bring a guest, and enjoy something different.

À bientôt!


Artist Statement:

The Others. 2013

The other, a term used within colonial times to represent the indigenous inhabitants

of a colonised country was a term labelled with ideas of savage nations with no

customs or morality, yet these terms and ideas have been created purely out of

ethnocentric views by western society. Labelling a culture as uncivilised purely

because they do not share our beliefs and morals gave western empires the moral

obligation to colonise and change an indigenous society purely for their own colonial

gain. The western world was taught to fear the Other yet in reality it was the western

world that should be truly feared as the destroyer of new worlds. The masked faces

of the other may be unsettling to the eye and sinister in their obscurity, but if we look

close enough we can see that it is the subject matter who is truly in fear, nervously

poised and staring into the eyes of change.

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